The best of the web on Raspberry Pi

What to buy the computer-loving-man-who-has-everything? That was the conundrum facing the Bailey clan when it came to Christmas shopping for our Dad.

The answer, of course, was another computer, in the form of the credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi. When I say that was the answer, I mean that’s what my brother bought. My contribution was to find out what he’d be able to do with it.

As it turns out, he could do quite a lot.

The links here represent the beginner’s end of the Linux spectrum. (Or perhaps that should be ‘the beginner’s slice of the Linux Pi’. And they missed a trick in not calling the app store ‘the Pi shop’. OK, enough puns; here’s the list.)

Uses for Raspberry Pi

Solar powered FTP server

Web server

Network-attached storage (NAS) box


And here’s the supercomputer again

Laptop with 10-hour battery

VoIP phone

Media player

About Raspberry Pi

The various operating systems – including RISC OS

The Raspberry Pi wiki homepage

The articles on the Raspberry Pi wiki

Raspberry Pi wikipedia entry

The app store

Programming manual

Raspberry Pi news via social media

Raspberry Pi Twitter

Raspberry Pi Facebook